Introducing Adam

All business cards in one.

The last business card you’ll ever need to carry with you. Adam is designed to help you manage all business cards, stored in one place, making it convenient for you.

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NFC and QR
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how it works

Simply press your card onto the other persons phone or let them scar the QR code. And there you have it.

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Custom made and easily made. You decide which information you would like to bee seen and displayed. Email, phone, job title and your personal picture.

Mobile Devices

Touch & Connect

Two simple ways: When wanting to exchange business cards, simply press Adam onto the phone. NFC enabled scanning stores the business card or Should the phone not have the NFC scanning feature, use the QR code


And that’s all to it

Fast, efficient and sure, business cards information, exchanged and stored. Never worry about having enough cards with you or where you stored cards from other people. It's all in the app.

The Benefits

Adam Black

One card for all

With Adam you never have to carry more than one business card with you at any time. Even if the other person does not have the app we configured Adam to directly open the app/play store and enable the user to download the app.

Never look for business cards again

Adam keeps all business cards in one place so you can easily find them. Whether you search from A-Z, by the more recent card added or you mark them as favorites. We made sure finding cards is super easy.

Decide what you share

Even though Adam replaces traditional cards with information written out you can decide what you want to share with somebody and what not. Adam allows you to hide information while exchanging cards so you show only what you want.

Eco friendly

Since Adam effectively replaces your business cards you never have to print new ones if you run out of cards or change your position, email, or phone. Simply change the information in the app and everybody who has your card will receive the update.

Unlimited customization

Adam is aimed to replace business cards for now but we are working on solutions which can replace other cards such as access control, parking card, loyalty cards and many more.

No card? No problem!

Adam is designed to function even without the physical card. If you should find yourself in the situation that you don’t have the card with you simply open the app, select your card you want to share and press “share now.” If your phone doesn’t have NFC there is also the QR code option

Our Collection

If you are ordering as a company please reach out to us on, we have special offers and discounted pricing options for companies.


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Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

June 2020


August 2020


The goal of Adam is to be available to customers globally. We don't want it to be just another card but a industry standard.

December 2019


By the end of the year we aim to offer more and more perks to our customers. Free co-working space usage, collecting points, etc.

March 2021


Although the main idea behind Adam is information sharing we are not limited to it. We aim to integrate more cards into one. Think loyalty cards, access control, cashback, etc.

August 2021

ADAM 2.0



Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What if somebody doesn’t have the app?

Adam is programmed that when somebody interacts with it without the app the person will automatically be redirected to download the iOS or Android version. All they need to do afterwards is install the app. Your card will directly be saved once they install the app.

What if my phone doesn’t support NFC?

We got you covered there. Every Adam card comes with a tiny QR code which people can read via the app or scan it with their phone camera if they don’t havethe app that will open the app for downloading via apple or play store. No matterif it’s NFC or a QR code, Adam will achieve the desired result in any way.

What if I don’t want to have physical card?

We got you covered there. You can send your business card directly via the app with no physical card on your own. Simply go to the app, select your card you want to share with other people and the method (NFC or QR code scan).

Is there a trial period for ADAM?

Yes and no, Adam has a trial account where the users can receive unlimited cards but not have it's own nor use other features. Users can either update their account to a paid plan (read order the card) or just stay with the “receive cards” option. Either way Adam will stay usable.

The development and realisation of PROJECT: Adam was supported by:

Institut za razvoj mladih KULT & the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The development and realisation of PROJECT: Adam was supported by:

Institut za razvoj mladih KULT


the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mobile App for Adam

You can use Adam even without having the card with you. Simply download the app, login onto your account and you can start sharing without having the physical card with you. The app is also the central place where all cards your receive are stored.

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